JJ Jamokes logo


We have a large aquarium behind the fully stocked bar for your enjoyment


We offer dining in our lounge area


Our beautiful landscaping offers you a place to wander after your meal

front entrance

Our front entrance offers blooming flowers to welcome you in!


Walk along the path to the beautifully landscaped waterfall


Our beautiful waterfall offers a serene environment for our customers

herd of deer

The deer eating in the back yard with the beautiful fall colors.

two bucks in yard

Check out the size of those bucks!

buck at night

The bucks love our back yard!

buck on camera

View of the bucks that visit our yard.

8 point buck

What a nice buck, coming to visit our yard!

turkey viewing in the fall

Turkey gathering in our yard!

deer on feed pile in the fall

Some deer our our back window in the fall colors.

deer and turkey viewing

We get a variety of wildlife that can be seen from the dining room.

buck in the fall

Beautiful fall colors!